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You can contact Patricia Harman through her email address

Media Inquiries

For inquiries about the Hope River series, contact Lucia Macro at William Morrow

For inquiries about The Blue Cotton Gown or Arms Wide Open contact Helene Atwan at Beacon Press

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Patricia Harman

Patricia Harman frequently appears on regional and national radio talk shows and TV as an expert on women's issues. She has been a featured presenter on Doctor's On Call, a WVPB public television program. She lectures on a regular basis to community groups and participants in corporate wellness events. As a former theater and speech major, Ms. Harman is comfortable in front of an audience and is eager to speak about women's health issues.

Sample presentation topics include: Red Hot Mama: Surviving Menopause with Grace, Sex Education 101 for Mothers, Reclaiming Your Sexuality, Self Help for the Super Mom, Update on Women's Health Issues, Healing Birth Trauma, Heath Crisis on a Personal Level

To schedule an interview or presentation, email